Monday, September 29, 2014

there's a "Y" in "ZOGOK". the tale of how I found MEANING in a plastic junkheap.

I sell homes. I build them, then i sell them. In my line of work, there is one very effective sale closing technique and it uses only one word and one punctuation mark.


Ask a client "why do you want to buy this home?" then sit back, relax and watch your buyer pitch the sale to himself.

It sounds easy because it is that easy.

When I first started this build a year ago (yep, it took me a year), I never thought to ask myself why.
By that I don't mean ask myself why this kit? why this concept? why this color? why blahblahblah.

When I started this build, I should have asked myself: "Why am I doing this?"

Why am I devoting time and effort and resources into building this thing? Why go through all of this for nothing?

But I know most of you who love what we do (calling it a hobby seems like a disservice if you ask me) do it for one reason or another.

I had a few,

When I started this project I just wanted to build an awesome grunt unit. I initially did this in preparation and practice for doing my own rendition of the MG Z'gok. I played around with it, looked for spare parts, snapped things together, lalalalala and then here we are today, talking about it.

I wish it was that uneventful, I wish it were that easy. To my surprise though, this build, through its ups and downs, its roller coaster ride, gathered dust, plastic particles, and MEANING along the way.

Today when I look at this build I see a lot of things. I see the time when I was so stressed from work that I just zoned in on hacking the living shit out of this plastic robo-zombie. When I look at it now, I remember the day that I got horrible news from my doctor about the decline of my health (but I'm better now!). I look at this build and I see the friends I've made and lost along the way. It brings back memories of when everything just looked too damn forced and I couldn't even look at it. It's so funny how a crude arrangement of plastic, metal and paint could dig up so much emotion and meaning.

I'm happy with what I did. I'm happy that I got a chance to do my art and show it to the world. I'm overwhelmed with the well wishes and virtual pats on the back for the upcoming GBWC where I'll be entering this build. I hope it delivers, but trophy or not, this "thing" or this "entry" or this "ung pula na malaki na may seam lines tas madungis" is PRECIOUS to me; it MEANS SOMETHING to me, and for that alone I'd display it in my home proudly, beside my other expensive (but not so valuable..mind the difference) robots.

and that my friends is the undefinable WHY. I guess I don't really have any exact reason for my art work, or for doing what I do, but I can tell you this for certain though, SOME THINGS JUST HAVE TO BE DONE.

It may not be without reason or thought, but if along the way, you find MEANING in what you do, I assure you, you will find it rewarding...prize or no prize. :)

WISH ME LUCK! and See you at GBWC 2014!

"HEY!" to my BROTHERS in the hobby!
Mokel Crisostomo (Pax Eternae), the Gboyss : Chops-Volt-Jobeth-Mike-Bryan-Christian Hilario etcetcetc

Atan Abenir (Singlemedia), Kalel Antazo (sidorb), Don Suratos (DC23), Kenny Lim (Toymaker), David Ceremonia (VerCerc)

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