Thursday, March 28, 2013

Amir's first worthy custom: MG Astray Custom (2009?)

This was my 2nd customized work and my first one worthy to be posted online. I was supposed to submit this alongside DC23 and his Sazabi custom Gilgamesh project on a previous BAKUC (forgot what year exactly). Unfortunately I wasn't able to register in time for the contest. But it was fine since I really wasn't able to construct a simple base or diorama for this baby.

You will see from my first custom - that I am more of a kitbash person than a pla-plate or panel line or paint person. My plan of attack is to blend as many parts from different kits to one concept. So this here is from an MG blue frame astray + red frame shoulders + a customized backpack using IWSP wings and thrusters and 1/100 OverFlag sub thrusters at the back.

Some bling - added Strike Noir Pistols! 

Koto Parts! Koto parts everywhere!

Kitbash - It works 9 times out of 10

Here are the rest of the pictures - and I hope you enjoy my first(ish) Custom Master Grade

Before I end this blog post - let me share with you some advise DC23 gave me before I started this kit -

"Pick an ugly kit, it's easier to make an ugly kit beautiful than to make a beautiful kit better".

 True enough, the MG Astray blue/red was the most advance MG during it's time, triple sliding knee armor gimmick, sliding elbow armor gimmick, insane articulation, amazing part separation and top notch details out of the box. I had a hell of a time trying to make it look better because the damn thing is already too good!!!

Till next post guys!


  1. Sup bro, Your new baby is looking hella awesome...100% support.

  2. Holy crap man this is incredible work! And it is exactly what I want to do with my MG Strike-E IWSP kit with Astray Blue Frame!!! You are my inspiration!


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