Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blessing in disguise...

Last Sunday, I had a spare to do some grocery after going to church. Whenever I go to the supermarket, I usually end up having six to eight bags of grocery items. But this time it was unusual, no more signs of grocery bags in the supermarket, all I can see are either brown bags for dry goods, then some eco bags for wet goods. It seemed like, the city had an ordinance regarding on banning the use of plastics in the supermarket. And if you are having a large number grocery bags, you will end up putting them all in a carton box. I had a total of three carton boxes; after I finished placing all the goods, I flattened them all and decided to tie them up.

But something in my told me that it seems like I can use these boxes. So I immediately untied them all and I handpicked one of the boxes. So here it is

As you can see, there are tiny holes between it and I think that I can use them… Here’s the picture.

I can use this for painting purposes, and I believe that this is more durable than the styrofoam that we usually use. I never thought that I can use these carton boxes that were given to me as a substitute for the plastic bags, hihi. At first, I thought of them as big trashes, since I do not prefer using carton boxes for storage. At least from now on, I can use it for my hobby. And this will be what I’m gonna use for meantime instead of the usual Styrofoam.

I still need to cut the other boxes in order to fill in the inner part of my BASE box so that I can put more sticks from time to time... Till my next post!

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