Thursday, April 18, 2013

HG Shaldoll Echo WIP

At long last, I found the time to post pics of one of my latest projects, my HG Shaldoll Echo custom!
Fully primed and modded. The shield isn't done yet, though.
Please tell me what you think!

 Link to original post in my blog:


Sunday, April 14, 2013

WIP: 1/100 - Char's Rick Dom 3

WIP: 1/100 - Char's Rick Dom 3
Previous WIP Pictures can seen here

I have started to mod my DOM again and here are the pictures.
I used Topet's 1/144 GM Cannon Head and redesign it to The-O's Head using Epoxy putty.

I also started to add blockyness into my O's Backpack and add fuel tank just like the Full Armor Unicorn.
I think this will be the hardest part to mask and paint because i didn't separate the back horn from the backpack.

I bought this tube at ACE Hardware and it only costs 15 pesos each. 

What i'm going to do next is to make the shoulders bigger so that the legs and foot will be no longer, out of proportion.


So that's all~!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Long Road to something old.

Started the long road to the weathering and aging process to this diorama of something long forgotten, the silver is a base enamel paint with acrylics built up while using the salt trick...Now for a hella lot of hand painting.

Shooting to capture the feel from this 
reference photo below.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a non-guide to KITBASHING

"To Bash or not to Bash, THAT is the question"
-Anonymous Beginner Modeler who likes theater. -__-;

KITBASHING. We all know what it is, we all have an idea of how to do it, most of us have already tried it, some have perfected it, some overdo it, and a few have no idea where to even begin.

Do a google search of "kitbash gundam" and you'll find lots of examples.

(credits to the modeller, pic is not mine, found it off the web)


For beginner/newbie modelers like myself, kitbashing is a fast and easy way to make a build look good (not always!) with the least amount of effort. I dare say that its EASY because being inexperienced, one would probably think of the KITBASH process flow as something like this:

pick a MAIN kit --> get a 2nd kit --> Take COOL parts from the 2nd kit --> find a spot to place the COOL parts --> SUPERGLUE!!! >=[

true, you could probably build a SAZANJU with your wonderfully expensive kits with a bit of crafty placement and lotsa superglue, but you'd probably end up with a pretty expensive pile of sh*t if you don't spend the time to really think about the following :
  • Cost of the kits you'll be bashing
  • Harmony of the look of the kits
  • Proper FIT of parts
  • Articulation of the main kit
  • Method of part attachment
lets go over them one by one.
  1. COST - before even getting your itchy kitbashing fingers on a kit, think about its cost. Is it really worth sacrificing its parts so that the other kit would look good? What would you do to the remaining parts? Do you have other scraps from previous builds? Kitbashing is expensive so do it wisely. If your CONCEPT demands a kitbash, then by all means, do it, otherwise, try to source parts from other things such as household items and whatnot.
  2. HARMONY - As a pseudo-rule, i tend to avoid bashing ZEON kits with EFSF kits because of the harmony of the look. Most Zeon units have round/curved parts while EFSF units of course offer a much more practical straight edged array of pieces. It may be cool in your head to bash a Qubeley with a Mk-ii, but before you make things permanent, better test fit them first and look at the 'abomination' from afar. Harmony after all, makes a build look like an ELEGANT SWAN rather than a char-broiled, chopped up, peking Duck. yum! :p
  3. FIT of PARTS - ok, so you still feel like you're Zeta Gundam looks good wearing Gogg parts, but it doesn't make it any easier to glue em together. Fit of parts make it easier to kitbash, and it makes it look more polished. When bashing parts, i find that it is better to find that snug-fitting part rather than forcing a non-fitting cool part to fit.
  4. ARTICULATION CONSIDERATIONS - yep, that 1-foot zoids gun looks awesome on a 1/144 seraphim gundam, but can it still move? or stand for that matter? Harmonious-looking-parts-that-actually-fit sometimes tend to limit articulation due to the fact that its, well, not made for that kit. the solution? mangle some more! sometimes you've just gotta cut a few protruding pegs or material so that articulation would be minimally affected. When in doubt though, try a little sanding and shimmy-ing :)
  5. METHOD of ATTACHMENT - parts usually fit together via polycap and peg, other times its via matching slots in the parts. it was built that way so that it could fit snugly. Hence, as much as possible, try using the "female" and "male" parts in order to achieve a better fit.  Before gluing the "cool part", try looking at it in its original form, who knows, you might even get a better solution.
In closing, being a newb in this hobby is stressful to say the least. But stress means that you're leveling up. You're not contented with just using glue anymore, you explore the possibilities of putty, builder's parts etc. After a few builds, you'll eventually want to do more, you'll want to explore more options, find better parts, heck even build your own parts! :D the possibilities are endless!

but for now, BASH away! :D who knows? you might end up with a masterwork like this one :  (credits to GBWC 2012 japanese entry)


Monday, April 8, 2013

Ma.K tattoo decal painted

Got tired of painting battle damage and paint chipping on the Ironman statue yesterday. So I thought I'd work on my Ma.K kit today for a change.

This kit is fully handpainted. Rough dry brushing gave it a nice textured finish. I also thought of putting tattoo style decal painting on this kit and so I did.

The cherry blossoms painting is done and will be sealed with gloss coat for water slide decals application later. Washes, weathering and paint chipping effects should complete this little kit soon.

I use Vallejo paints as usual for this build. Hope to finish this soon... Hope you like it so far. Thanks for dropping by! Until next post guys! :)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

TF DOTM Dino/Mirage SB

Hey guys, just want to share with you my last year project, unfinished till now. My goal here is to make a scratch build TF Dino/Mirage from Transformers DOFTM movie. I started this build last September 2012. I was doing it with the Berst MK1 at the same time but I didn't manage to finish this wip. So hopefully this year I will get this project done. Here are some of my wip photos..

That's it so far..thank you bros.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Krizkreations Diorama Frenzy between 2009-2012

Wanted to share a brief pictorial history of some of my Diorama's started and finished between 2009 and 2012, most of these works no longer exist on my shelf only the web photos.


FA Unicorn reboot ver.

When I saw this model first time released from bandai, I said...I have to get this much weapons,really big thrusters..all these shields,that would be fun to build it!
But when I finished the build I was little disappointed with the overall look...
I mean it was like a mountain of guns and shields and without any chance to make other poses.
So I decide to make my first custom build.. The reboot version :D
It took me about 2-3 months or maybe more to find a different look for this big guy...
For this build I used mostly the FA's parts and for the details I used coaxial cables,springs,tubes and other staffs that will help me for the modifications.
Please check also YT video for more pics
Thank you very much!

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