Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Encounter

I’ve had this kit already for almost a year and a half. It was a present from my best friend last December 2011. Although I don’t have any plans to build it, since I only prefer to build Master Grade (MG) kits or any 1/100 kits. However, since the announcement of RX-78 MG 3.0, I got curious on people talking about that this will be the start of Real Grade kits in 1:100 scale. Sounds very interesting, preferred scale, preferred to build. Anyway, let’s try to build this kit.

No wonder that it was embodied with excitement. The articulation is the best and the color separation of parts is what I’ve really like so far. The ABS rubberish frame is unique as well. But I have a quick question that flicked into my mind. If this will be the trend of the upcoming MG kits or for newer version of the old produced kits, is there anything else that I can do with it or just paint it out of the box (OOTB).

Do not get me wrong with these guys. As a modeler, a scale modeler, or whatever you wanted to call it, my eye-opener on this hobby was when I saw a bad-ass MG Infinite Justice that was still in work-in-progress on the internet. In which at first, I never thought that I can do it as well. But I guess learning is an everyday routine in our lives. To cut this short, maybe I can say that I prefer the old kits, wherein I can integrate my own concept, modification and detail add-ons to them.

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