Sunday, March 31, 2013

ZgokDaddy diving deeper (for shellfish)

HELLO. I am ZGOK DADDY! I love Zgoks, and Im a daddy. 

First of all, thanks to DC23 for inviting me as a contributor to this blog! 
To my fellow contributors, wazzup?! Glad to be in such great company :)

To the readers of this blog, welcome! I know that I'm a relative newcomer to the hobby (I've only taken this hobby seriously last year 2012) and I have yet to prove my worth in terms of doing kickass mods, participating in hobby events and contests, heck I haven't even gotten around to reading most tutorials on the craft, but that is what drives me to write! 

I shall step inside my Zgok Mobile Suit of Newbness and dive into the depths of the hobby! (the pressure of these depths are too damn high! but with le Zgok suit, I hope I can manage :D)

Thanks so much everyone! more power to all of us!

ZgokDaddy Diving IN!!!  **bubbles SFX

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