Monday, April 1, 2013

gunpla...y u no look like what i want you to?!? ='[

GUNPLA! y u no look hamazing?!?

most of us get into certain hobbies because we came across a photo and thought "yeah, i could cook that.." or "i can take better photos than this sh*t" or "yeah, i can afford to build myself a customized sniper rifle too" or "im gonna max level my character to LVL infinity in a week" or "im gonna make this SD unicorn into a BAD-A$$ mothahfutha!".

But then after a bit of tinkering we get hit smack in the face with a REALIZATION OF REALITY HAMMER. We're not new to these : "Nobody's gonna eat this muck" / "im pressing the shutter button but nothing's happening!" / "i just wasted a totally kickass stock rifle" / "my character cant even kill a wolf puppy" / my SD unicorn melted"

we end up crushed under the high expectancy that we'll create a masterpiece overnight only to have melted plastic in our hands (WITH NUBS!). then come the morrow, we go online, see an inspiring work, and get fired up again, try again, fail again. vicious cycle.

most of us would power through, buy a new kit and start again. some get fed up and go on hiatus. some would go to the extremes of selling everything and just quitting.

others just really have the right combination of uber talent, perseverance, creativity etc and come up with these : (eday's arios)

what about the rest of us though? are we consigned to quit eventually? can we not become as great? are we earthbound? 

epkers not! :D but ofcourse we also cant start something today and come up with a masterpiece tomorrow. heck, even Einstein started out not knowing 1+1=2.
Hence, my point is...START WITH THE BASICS and DONT RUSH THINGS :)
elementary first, then progress, progress, progress :)

most great modelers i know started out with the easiest, most practical "mod" out there : PAINTING. 

you say: "painting? meh. i want a MODDED kit man! not some repainted sh*T! just repainting doesnt make it AWESOME and at all!"


dont get too excited though, painting in itself is a tedious process that involves a lot of experimentation, spilled paint, gallons upon gallons of thinner (im kidding), and a strong nose.  BUT ITS A START. 

other "modifications" include :
  • painting (as iv mentioned)
  • proportion adjustments (making legs longer, torso longer)
  • armor modifications (pla plating etc)
  • kitbashing (taking two kits and getting parts from both)
  • battle damage (wreaking havok on ur masterpiece :P)
  • scratchbuilding (making things from scratch)
  • diorama-ing :)) (making ur own "scenarios")
  • and many more!
you may do them all, or do only one, its totally up to you (and your budget). the idea is to get familiarized with a process, practice until you master it, and then explore a new skill tree and do the grind once again :)

as a newbie modder myself, i've come to enjoy painting, kitbashing, and armor tinkering myself. i prefer to keep mods as simple as possible mainly because im not as skilled as id like to be yet, but im practicing (and failing!) :p

one of my recent tinkerings involved 4 bottles of paint (tamiya acryllic bottles :P), a 10cm x 10cm piece of pla plates (WHIPS!), a scribing knife and some brushes :)) my mods mainly consisted of repurposing parts, getting weapons from other kits, and painting the build with the color scheme of an EGGPLANT :))

here! my NG 1:100 Seraphim Gundam (NG Seravee kit) aka : 

The Silencer :P
"The Silencer"

(white parts are pla plates/tubes...there are only 6 pcs :P)


  1. looks great bro, welcome on.

  2. You´re absolutely right, I just finished a custom Beargguy III, my first modded one and it still has a loooot of mistakes, improper sanding, etc. etc. but I learned a lot with it, now I know what I can and can´t do, keep up the hard work!


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