Monday, April 1, 2013

Nichols is the name

Hello kids and kids at heart! You guys probably already know me. I'm everywhere. Just kidding.
So like  what the title says, my name's Nichols. It's not an alias. It's my real name. I'd like people to know me with my real name. Thanks to DC23 for creating and gathering this new group of hobbyists. You're probably reading this blog right know because you love giant robots. Well I love giant robots too! So let's be friends, okay? Most of the work I do are painted snap-fit gunplas with some minor mods here and there. Here are some you'd probably wanna see.

These are just some of my works. You can check more of them out on my blog and my Youtube.

I can not wait to post more, but more importantly, I can not wait to read more of what the other authors on this blog have to offer, since I am more of a reader than a poster when it comes to blogs.

Thank you so much for reading this!
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