Monday, April 1, 2013


 Hello, all! This is Richie Ramos/Lord Desslok, one of the founders of Mechapinoy. I'd like to thank Don for inviting me to this blog, and hopefully I can contribute some stuff.I started Gunpla way, way back (1990s), and my very first kit was actually a semi-bootleg 1/144 Academy Sentinel Gundam kit. After that, I bought quite a few MSV kits, most of which have, alas, not withstood the test of time. These days, I'm a bit too busy. Most of the time, I have a lot of kitbashes, but I rarely get any painting done. However, that may soon change, given that there are new winds blowing in the communities (thankfully).

I'm also interested in Kotobukiya Frame Arms kits. Cheers!
Larger pic...


  1. Dang! Its an honor to have you here Richie! :D

  2. I bet this will be interesting, haha!

  3. Salute bro, maybe an older works..but awesome regardless.
    agree about the frame series, great designs.

  4. haha...great to see old names and faces in gunpla.!!


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