Monday, April 1, 2013

Davime Reporting for Duty!

Hi I'm David Ceremonia, Also known as Davime though I prefer my real name :)

well anyway I would like to thank DC23 for inviting me here and oh welcome back!
I started buying gunpla since I was 9 years old, but ugh of course I broke most of them.
and I first started modifying after I saw DC's work and a lot of other mech artist that inspired me to do so,
I started with kitbashing, painting with spraycans and simple pla plating.

I planned to improve my self as time goes by and I think I have made some improvements but I will always strive for improvements xD at first I was really irritated with criticisms but I saw it as a major part for improvement. I will always appreciate that gave the time to teach me all they know and share it with everyone else. anyway here is a recent work of mine :)

I hope we learn a lot from each other and always enjoy what we do :D


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