Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Plastic TIP: oozed cement is best

This Blogger iPhone app is great for quick posts with little photos, so I thought of doing quick " TIP " posts like this from time to time.

Unlike my long really old turorials with crappy photos, these new series of " TIP " posts will be really short tutorials of sort. Short and concise with few crappy photos.

So here it goes...

TIP #1: excess cement is best!

I would assume that if your in this site and actually reading this post, that you know removing seam lines using thin cement through capillary action right?

Basically you snap two pieces together leaving a very thin gap along each part. Then you apply thin cement and let it run through the thin gap. Let air dry for about 5 seconds, then snap both parts together.

Oozing excess cement after snapping both parts together while holding it real tight for a minute is your desired result. Why? Coz you could shave those cured excess cement after around 4 hours.

Voila! No more seam lines to fill later. Cement is always enough for seam line removal if you get the ooZed look right after application. So as I've said, excess cement is best!

Hope You like my new " TIP " post. Until next post guys... Just enjoy the hobby! :)

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