Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stormtrooper conversion coming soon...


A good old friend has a friend that commissioned me to convert and paint a simple 12 inch StarWars Stormtrooper figure to look like the statue above... The toy is the photo below! :)


Initially the dude just wanted me to add battle damage and blue markings to his toy... I think that just painting the toy above won't make the toy look impressive as the simple pose is not very impressive looking. So I then convinced the dude that I'd rather re-pose the toy and create a custom base to look a bit similar to the photos of the statue.

I will be getting this toy on Saturday. I will need to cut of those limbs to be able to manage to re-pose the toy. I bit of re-sculpting should be exciting and painting worn out paint markings and battle damage painting effects should be fun!

Anyways, stay tuned guys as I try to convert this simple toy to look as impressive as the statue below. :)



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