Friday, April 5, 2013

MG Acguy verDC23

 DC23 here sharing another old work from my blog. :)

Hello guys, this is my first 2010 kit and this is my entry for our ZeroGunz Pinoy GB, One of the rules is to make a clean build and the color should be predominantly red, blue or yellow ( base on the Philippine flag colors ). Anyways this was a fun build, eventhough cutting out the armor parts to reveal the internals is a bit tedious, other than that the painting session was a fun experience. it was my first time to freehand a camo pattern. The camo pattern is a vain attempt to make it look like whale skin and also I made a few booboos with the build. The finish has a sandy texture, looks ok but not intended definitely. I hope rubbing compound will solve the sandy texture effect...if not, it's ok.

Here is the link of the WIP of this build:

And here are some pics...

Thanks for Viewing!!! Happy New Year again!

MG Acguy WIP

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